Our Areas Of Expertise

"The Tom Oliver Group put us on the path of profitability. In 2019 our net profits increased by 50%!”

- Jacob C Ng
Owner Family & Board of Directors, Asia United Bank

Your business works like a machine.

If you change one thing, everything else changes, too. Nothing ever works in isolation. This is why we typically combine several or all of the consulting services below into one holistic approach to achieve practical solutions, produce results and make your visions reality.

Strategic Planning and Development

Develop the right strategies to boost short-term, medium-term and long-term profitability, become or remain a market leader and future-proof your business.

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Growth Strategies

Don't compete! Be in a world of your own. Ideally even achieve a monopoly status where profit margins are sky-high.

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Harness the true power of creativity to build a culture of innovation that will put you at the competitive edge of your industry for decades to come.

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Purpose-Driven Business

Everything starts with “WHY”. Build a powerful purpose behind your business that becomes a magnet to attract the top talent and the best people, and that wins the hearts and minds of your consumers and clients.

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Coca Cola One Team

Strategic Human Resource Management

Attract and keep the top talent and the best people, execute your plans without internal resistance, achieve your goals with ease, get everybody’s buy-in, and become ONE TEAM.

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Marketing, Branding and Sales

There is a simple reason why the world’s largest and leading branding, creative and marketing agencies are our clients: We are true global experts in marketing, branding and sales!

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Putting the Customer First: Achieving Total Customer-Centricity

Join the ranks of the most successful companies in the world like Amazon by learning the secret of how to become obsessed with your customers and continuously add value to the customer experience.

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Consumer Trends & Profitability

Be one step ahead of your competition! Know tomorrow’s trends and how you can profit from them to establish first mover advantages and accelerate business growth.

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Managing Supply Chain Risk & Disruption

The global Coronavirus impacts urge companies to transform their traditional supply chain models. This will have a lasting and significant impact on supply chains with fundamental global economic and financial consequences.

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Digital Strategy And IT

Create one-stop holistic lifestyle solutions for consumers, win their hearts and minds, generate excitement for your brand and your business, and drive top-line growth.

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Organisational Restructuring And Operations

The structure of your organisation and its processes should serve YOU, not the other way around! We re-engineer your entire organisation to be a lean and mean machine that operates with maximum efficiency.

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Risk & Crisis Management

Be prepared for everything! Now more than ever, after the global Coronavirus pandemic caught even the best businesses by surprise, you need to make proper risk management your top priority to ensure the future growth of your business.

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Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Shape impactful CSR programs that turn your organization into a good corporate citizen everyone wants to do business with. Become a magnet for top talent and attract loyal customers and clients.

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Front-End & Back-End of Family Business Operations

We harmonize the back-end of family businesses by uniting all relevant members of the family around one shared goal, vision and purpose so the family business can develop its full growth potential.

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