Harness the true power of creativity to build a culture of innovation that will put you at the competitive edge of your industry for decades to come.

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Selected Success Stories:

We have seen again and again that the best ideas can come from anywhere within your organization - not just the top! This is why we set up innovation channels that will allow you to collect, filter, prioritize and execute the best ideas from all levels of your organization. We empower your teams to produce:

  • marginal innovations 
  • 0 to 1 innovations - the true industry game changers that will differentiate you so far from your competitors  that you will be in a world  of your own

This will enable your organization to build a culture of innovation that will put you at the competitive edge of your industry for decades to come. We empower your organization to harness the true power of creativity.  All companies talk about innovation - including most consulting companies - but very few really understand the true nature of the creative process of innovation. Our Founder and Group Chairman is a world-renowned singer, songwriter and music producer, and a famous name on the international music scene who has headlined music festivals around the world. For this reason, innovation is built into our corporate DNA.

  • We are therefore able to understand the true secrets behind the creative process of innovation and teach our clients to use it effectively for their businesses, creating marginal innovation and 0 to 1 innovation, the true game-changer in any industry.
  • This is why the world's leading creative, media, branding and marketing agencies including Mindshare, Interbrand and Saatchi & Saatchi have been amongst our clients.
  • Creativity and innovation are the two biggest drivers of long-term success in any business, allowing your business  to seize opportunities in challenging and rapidly changing economic environments.

Cutting costs out of the supply side no longer works. Businesses have to focus on the demand side, and here innovation is the biggest issue. Now more than ever, during times of uncertainty and change, the ability of your business to produce innovation at the highest level will determine your long-term success.