Marketing, Branding and Sales

There is a simple reason why the world’s largest and leading branding, creative and marketing agencies are our clients: We are true global experts in marketing, branding and sales!

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Selected Success Stories:


  • We analyze  your strategic target markets and strategic customer segments with the highest growth and revenue potential.
  • We define your target customers:
    • Who are we going to serve?
    • How are we going to serve them?
    • Strategic customer segmentation
  • Development of a holistic marketing plan and marketing strategy 
  • Establishment of guidelines for strategic social media presence and positioning 
  • Determination of your ideal digital footprint and digital presence
  • Social media marketing strategies


Empower your sales teams to be star performers and boost profits!. We will support you in building a cutting-edge sales culture that empowers effective selling to customers. As a result you will have the following benefits:
  • Employees learn cutting-edge sales techniques, tools and strategies
  • Employees learn how to effectively spot new customer opportunities
  • Employees learn the secrets of power negotiating
  • Employees learn how to effectively integrate a cross-selling approach into their customer relationships
  • Employees learn how to sell indirectly, meaning how to effectively sell a maximum number of products to each client without coming across as “selling” 
  • Employees learn the most recent and most effective global best practices, tips, tricks and strategies fpower selling


Consumer-related Branding:
  • Create a clear brand value
  • Establish a unique brand positioning
  • Communicate a clear image of your brand to consumers and clients to dramatically improve brand credibility and customer loyalty
Employee-related Branding:
  • Establish your brand as an employer of choice, which will
  • Empower your organisation to attract and retain top talent
  • Enable smooth succession planning by attracting and retaining future leaders