Organisational Restructuring And Operations

The structure of your organisation and its processes should serve YOU, not the other way around! We re-engineer your entire organisation to be a lean and mean machine that operates with maximum efficiency.

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Selected Success Stories:

Re-engineering your organization:

The Blank Page Approach

TheWe believe organizations should have the body of a marathon runner: lean.

We take a Blank Page Approach to optimize the organisational structure of your business: 

What would be the ideal structure of your business today if you had to redo it from scratch? Meaning: if you had a blank page with no limitations and could organize it any way you want. 

Streamlining Processes and Workflow

Most organizations reach a point where people have amassed a large amount of processes that no longer serve them, but instead they serve their processes! 

We will help you “trim the fat” and streamline your processes and workflows for optimum efficiency. This includes an assessment of authority levels, procedures, processes and workflows to streamline organizational efficiency and productivity. 

We also identify the non value added activities at your organization that can be eliminated to improve productivity. 

Internal Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

Your first customers are your own people! Yet this aspect is often forgotten. You can only serve your customers best if you first keep your internal service-level agreements.

We help you develop clear guidelines and internal SLAs to empower the right people across all levels of your organization to exercise their authority but also to know when to make exceptions, when to make their own decisions, and when to pass decisions to higher levels of management.