Bloomberg TV Live: Tom shares secrets to successful management in uncertain economic climates

Key 1: Radically Improve Consumer Loyalty by Predicting Consumer Expectations
You have to understand the hearts and minds of your consumers – only then can you correctly predict future consumer behavior. While innovation and marketing remain the core pillars of corporate success, the shifts in consumer expectations will be the biggest driver of change in the next years.

Key 2: Establish a Consistent Corporate Culture of Innovation by Mastering the Innovation Secrets
If you innovate only once you see a problem or a hungry competitor catches up, it is usually too late. Businesses need to establish a consistent corporate culture of innovation across all areas of their organization

Tom Oliver Awarded Keynote Prize by Jollibee – Asia’s Largest Fast Food Conglomerate

The prize was awarded to Tom by the Global CEO and member of the founder family, Ernesto Tanmantiong. The ceremony was held at the Jollibee Foods Corporation annual franchise convention, bringing together the top executives and major franchise owners from around the world, in presence of Jollibee Founder, billionaire Sir Tony Tan Caktiong.

Jollibee Foods Corporation is Asia´s largest fast food conglomerate, with over 3000 stores worldwide, convening under one umbrella major brands such as Jollibee, Dunkin´ Donuts, and Burger King.

Tom delivered a keynote that included a live music performance, playing piano and singing, to illustrate the secrets behind innovation and optimum collaboration in corporate teams.

Tom’s keynote received highest ratings by the audience attendees for its sharing of best practices and in depth insights.

Brand New Highlights Reel

From New York to Chicago, from Dubai to Mumbai, from Beijing to Sao Paulo – watch the new highlights reel that shows Tom engaging with Fortune 500 audiences in a way few other speakers can.

No matter the location or the audience, one thing is certain: Tom redefines the word “keynote” by delivering a unique, memorable and compelling experience which is certain to bring smiles to the audience – even integrating live music concerts to make his ideas come alive. But more importantly, Tom leaves the audience inspired, energized and well equipped with the right tools to put amazing ideas into practice.
In intimate interaction with many of the best global brands from Johnson & Johnson to Google and Coca-Cola, Tom shares the secrets of corporate success

Tom & Google MD headline Summit Asia

Tom gave the closing keynote at this year’s Ad Summit in Subic, Philippines, with 2000 delegates of top Advertising & Marketing professionals from South East Asia, including the world´s best creative agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and top global brands like McDonalds.

The Ad Summit convened the creative leaders from the Advertising & Marketing domain in Southeast Asia. The Summit discussed the new ground-breaking trends and opportunities resulting from of the rapidly increasing digital transformationand the new strategies to connect with the digital consumers.

Tom’s Opening Keynote Earns Standing Ovation @ International IT Summit in Germany

C-suite executives and CEOs gave Tom a standing ovation for his opening keynote at this year’s International IT Summit in Cologne, Germany.

The Summit convened the leaders of today and tomorrow in the international IT space, including top players like Microsoft, spreading over from four key economic sectors – financial services, trade, industry, automotive & logistics. The 6th year of the IT Summit was structured around the motto “Digital Transformation – Best Practices”. The Summit discussed the tremendous opportunities and prospects resulting from the digital economy, highlighting current market trends as well as addressing solutions for the next years to come.

Tom´s opening keynote focussed on what industry professionals around the world can learn from the Silicon Valley top players when it comes to Innovation, Digital Transformation, Future work and Collaboration.

Tom Delivered Keynote at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington, DC

Tom delivered a keynote at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington, DC, as part of the Ideas for Action (I4A), a joint initiative of the the World Bank Group and the Wharton School of Business (MBA ranked #4 in the world by the Financial Times.)

Tom also included a live music performance as part of his keynote, playing piano and singing, to illustrate the true nature of innovation, leadership, collaboration and entrepreneurship to the delegates. The results are always astounding: The audience members feel the key messages, insights and nuggets Tom shares during his keynote come alive on an emotional and personal level. It allows them to assimilate the insights faster and produce instantaneous breakthrough moments of higher collaboration and dramatically improved teamwork among teams even if they were formerly divided.