Tom & Google MD headline Summit Asia

Tom gave the closing keynote at this year’s Ad Summit in Subic, Philippines, with 2000 delegates of top Advertising & Marketing professionals from South East Asia, including the world´s best creative agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and top global brands like McDonalds.

The Ad Summit convened the creative leaders from the Advertising & Marketing domain in Southeast Asia. The Summit discussed the new ground-breaking trends and opportunities resulting from of the rapidly increasing digital transformation and the new strategies to connect with the digital consumers.

Other keynote speakers at the summit:
– Google Managing Director of South East Asia, Mr. Rajan Anandan
– Coca Cola SVP Philippines, Jesus Ferreira
– Twitter, VP of Online Sales, Ms. Aliza Knox

Tom’s closing keynote presented the secrets of innovation and how global brand titans like Google and Apple apply these principles to become masters of original thinking, innovation, and creativity. Tom specifically illustrated to the audience how to master the secrets of creative innovation to tap into the Millennial wallet and how to turn the Millennials into loyal customers of a brand.

Tom shared the secrets of what industry professionals around the world can learn from the Silicon Valley top players when it comes to Innovation, Digital Transformation, HR, Future work and Collaboration. Tom also highlighted the Fortune 500 best practices and shared insights and ready-to-implement tools with the audience.

As many of Tom’s clients request, Tom also included a live music performance as part of his keynote, playing piano and singing, to Illustrate the true nature of innovation and of “jamming” – of making music in a band – and its benefits for optimizing collaboration within teams. The live music concert is always highly entertaining, interactive, and collaboratively engaging to create unique, memorable experiences for the audience. It enables the audience to assimilate the insights not just on an intellectual, but also on a deeper emotional level.