Covid Strategy

“Tom is a global management guru and expert in managing change, times of uncertainty, and crisis!"

Tom played an awesome role in making us 1 Team!”

- Burak Başarır
CEO Coca-Cola CCI 

“Tom taught us how to take advantage of change" 

 - Nancy Altobello
Ernst & Young Global Board Member

We are crisis experts

Ever since we started to work with Coca Cola CCI in over 11 crisis territories that were marked by political and economic instability, we have established a global reputation as experts in managing change, times of uncertainty, and crisis.1 2 3

Every crisis has unique opportunities.

Some of today’s largest companies were founded in times of recession and crisis. As Paul Romer, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, said: "A crisis is a terrible opportunity to waste!"

Downturns of the magnitude of COVID-19 are so dramatic that they inevitably produce a new economic world order with a very uneven distribution of winners and losers. 

If you want to use the unique opportunities resulting from the global pandemic for your businesscontact us to find out how we can help you best in your response to Covid 19.

We support our clients to

  • achieve a fast recovery
  • reposition or pivot their business
  • use the unique opportunities coming out of the global pandemic and its impact. 4 5

We can support all our clients fully virtually:

We are still running full-scale change management, strategy and management consulting programs in person at our clients’ offices.

However, we have also supported our clients virtually for over a decade.

As a response to COVID-19 and in line with our ongoing commitment to deliver results of the highest value to our clients, in 2020 we expanded our technical capabilities to serve all our clients in management consulting, training, and coaching fully virtually if they choose.

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