Founder and Chairman of the World Peace Foundation

Tom Oliver believes business should be a catalyst for global social change12. Oliver founded The World Peace Festival (WPF) and The World Peace Foundation, of which he remains Chairman to date.3 4 5

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu called the inaugural event of the World Peace Foundation, the World Peace Festival in Berlin in 2011, “the most influential peace gathering in history”.6 7

Nobel Peace Prize laureate the Dalai Lama has called the World Peace Foundation “a global community of millions of people who take an active stance for peace”.8

The World Peace Foundation (WPF) is the independent charitable arm of The Tom Oliver Group and is dedicated to strengthening global peace and security.9

The Tom Oliver Group covers 100% of the operating expenses of The World Peace Foundation.10 11

Demonstrating practical global leadership in action, Tom Oliver united for the first time in history the most diverse group of world and business leaders around a shared cause. 

The World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival have been supported by an impressive array of individuals and organisations:


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