What makes us unique and significantly better than others:

We empower your business to thrive not only in the short and medium-term but across generations

How do we accomplish that?

  • We provide the world's most personalized service and create the most customized solutions for owners and family businesses.
  • Our Chairman Tom Oliver himself keeps close personal contact with owners throughout the entire length of a project to make sure owners achieve the exactly the results that they want.
  • We prefer to have long-term relationships with our clients, not dropping in and out of companies as so many consulting firms do. We believe that the personal trust relationships we create with our clients are the basis for extraordinary results. 

Important Note:

The acceptance of new clients for our strategy and management consulting services and for our Nothing Is Impossible Leadership Institute coaching programs is currently highly restricted and requires the approval of the Tom Oliver Group board.

Please call or email us at our contact details here or fill out the short form here. Then someone from our offices will contact you to see if you qualify as a client.

The Elements Of Our Unique Process

1. Realize your objectives and vision with the right solutions and strategies

We are experts in understanding and identifying the needs, objectives and visions of senior management and business owners.

If these are not clearly defined yet, we support them in clarifying their objectives and visions - short-term, medium-term and long-term.

2. Produce fast results with practical solutions

Results, not reports:

First, we create unique solutions for you and with you, not in isolation. 

To make sure you achieve the results you want, we have developed a unique proprietary process : 1) Kick-off phase 2) X-ray phase 3) Solutions phase 4) Execution phase and 5) Course correction phase.

3. Make everyone feel like an owner

Because resistance kills most strategies and good ideas in an organization, we get proper buy-in from the key people within your organization who will be the drivers of the change.

We create a 1 Family - 1 Team mindset.

4. Build an execution culture of full accountability

We radically improve communication and collaboration within your organization through the power of 1 TEAM. 

We empower your leadership and management to produce solutions for future challenges and to profit from future opportunities at a much higher level using the power of 1 TEAM.

5. Develop breakthrough innovation to be miles ahead of the competition

We establish a culture of innovation where the best ideas thrive:

  • marginal innovations (to make things a bit better) and
  • 0 to 1 innovations (the true industry game changers that will put you in a league of your own)

This will enable your organization to build a culture of innovation that will put you at the competitive edge of your industry for decades to come.

6. Make your business future-proof

We create new leaders at all levels. 

We empower the next generations of leaders within your organization with the right skill-sets, tools, strategies, insights and secrets so you can outperform your competition for many years to come.

7. Empower your teams to become masters at creating solutions

Through our unique process, we automatically upskill your teams.

Our Change Champions and Train-the-Trainer programs ensure that the expertise of your people at resolving challenges and creating solutions soars to new heights.  

8. Empower your entire workforce to play as 1 Team executing 1 Vision

We bring down silos in your organization and radically improve your collaboration and communication across all levels:

  • cross-functional teams create better and more sustainable solutions.
  • people are better equipped to identify and profit from new opportunities.
  • you build a company culture of continuous improvement.

9. Empower new leaders to build a thriving business for generations to come

We make success planning easy. 

We empower the next generations of leaders within your organization with the right skill-sets, tools, strategies, insights and secrets through our own coaching and training divisions, so you can outperform your competition for many years to come.

10. Achieve change that is fast, effective & lasting

We are experts at leading companies through change. 

We have the know-how, tools and strategies to lead organisations through quick transformations where it is challenging to do it for themselves. We do it in such a way their day to day operations are not affected

11. Execute your plans without resistance

We create a 1 team - 1 family company culture.

As a result, your entire organization will be able to solve unforeseen challenges and profit from new opportunities much faster as they arise.

12. Profit from tomorrow’s trends and stay one step ahead of the competition

Become a first mover!

With our global expertise we capture the trends of tomorrow and can predict how they may affect your business.

This gives you the competitive edge to be one step ahead of your competition - in any market, industry or country.

13. Resolve conflicts between family members -  Empower your family to play as 1 team for 1 vision

We optimize the front and the back end of family businesses. 

We empower the entire family to play as 1 team. 

We ensure the strengths of each family member are used to their fullest potential.