Resistance kills most strategies and good ideas in an organization. Resistance threatens many of the best plans that owners and senior management make.

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Resistance kills most strategies and good ideas in an organization. Resistance threatens many of the best plans that owners and senior management make. So the first thing we need to do is get proper buy-in from the key people in your organization who will be the drivers of change, and who will be responsible and accountable for executing and implementing the solutions we created for you and with you. 

How is this done?  Again, we have developed a proprietary process that differentiates us from other consulting companies. Through this proprietary process, we are able to get proper buy-in not only from the key drivers of change but also from virtually all levels of the organization. In the end, an organization is nothing other than a group of people.

And we all know how powerful it is if the entire workforce moves as 1 Family - 1 Team behind 1 shared vision. Nothing is more powerful than that! 

We create a 1 Family - 1 Team mindset across the entire organization.  This guarantees that employees feel full ownership and accountability. We involve not only senior management but also key drivers of change from many different levels in the organization in our solution and implementation process - from the X-Ray Phase through to the Execution Phase. 

We are so committed to uniting all employees around a shared vision that, if necessary, we hold personal interviews with hundreds of employees during the X-Ray Phase to make sure that we know the root causes of challenges and that the key leaders of change are included early on.



We have developed a unique and proprietary methodology that allows us to truly understand senior management and business owners’ needs, objectives and vision for their businesses in the short, medium and long term.

This process consists of a series of personal meetings with the owners and senior management at the beginning of a client project and throughout the project until the business achieves exactly the results they want.

What if the objectives and visions are not clearly defined?

We have seen that often owners and senior management instinctively know what they want their businesses to look like but cannot articulate or define it clearly. In this case we support owners in clearly defining their objectives and vision in the short, medium and long term.


In a collaborative process in which we involve key leaders within the organization, we identify the root causes of challenges and present our clients with a heat map that clearly shows what problems need to be resolved for the organization to attain its goals.

Even though this process is collaborative, we have developed a special system so that your day-to-day operations continue as smoothly as before, with positive results visible right away to free up the time, energy and productivity of your people.


We create solutions involving senior management and the key drivers of change within the organization, who will be fundamental in implementing the solutions.  We do this in our unique workshop process that guarantees that we use the collective intelligence of your teams. 

 We sign off on these practical solutions together with business owners and senior management so they can be implemented.


Together with business owners and senior management, we SIGN OFF on the priority of solutions to be executed.

We train a team of CHANGE CHAMPIONS within the organization who will continue to drive change long after we are gone.

We ROLL OUT the solutions across the entire organization through a series of tailor-made workshops, events and other measures to ensure full execution and buy-in across all levels. 

Through our proprietary Tom Oliver Group (TOG) workshops and events we ENERGIZE your leadership and your entire workforce to put their full power behind the company’s goals, vision, mission and roadmap.


A plan is nothing without proper execution.  Commercial airplanes fly off-course 95% of the time but are still able to reach their destinations because they make constant course corrections. For an organization it is no different. Most companies struggle with follow-through. But not our clients! Through training a team of CHANGE CHAMPIONS in the organization, and with frequent implementation audits, we ensure that:

  • you reach your objectives
  • your teams recognize new challenges as fast as possible and can solve them at an early stage before they begin to grow
  • your people have the right skill-sets, tools and strategies to identify new opportunities right away and profit from them

Example: Asia United Bank Reveal Event

Together with members of the owner family, senior management and key drivers of change within the organization, The Tom Oliver Group created:

  • the new company slogan
  • The new vision
  • and the new strategic direction of the company.

To get proper buy-in from the entire workforce on all of these, we created the following event together with our client, which was subsequently followed by smaller similar events at different locations:

Individual Testimonials from this event: