There is a reason why Tom Oliver and The Tom Oliver Group can empower organisations to harness their true power of creativity and innovation: it is written into our Founder’s DNA.

Oliver is also a singer, songwriter, music producer and performer who has headlined music festivals around the world, and is a famous name in the international music scene.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

As a music producer and performer Tom Oliver has also gained global recognition and renown in the world of dance music, even earning the description of “legendary”.10

Tom started his music education as a child and was first trained as a classical pianist and singer, providing him with an unmistakable voice with almost three octaves of vocal range.11 12 13

In addition to playing the piano and singing, Tom also plays the keyboard and writes music and lyrics for all of his songs, whilst also doing the entire musical production and instrumentation for many of them.14

When the famous Café del Mar in Ibiza (a legendary institution on the Island of Ibiza that has sold millions of CDs around the world) celebrated its 25th anniversary, only four international artists were invited to come to Ibiza and play live for this iconic event. Tom Oliver was the first to take the stage!15 16 17 18 Oliver was also featured on the 25th anniversary album of Café del Mar, a celebrated milestone in the history of Ibiza.19 20

When the World Music Awards which have hosted legends such as Michael Jackson, and Beyonce celebrated their last awards ceremony in Monte Carlo, they invited Oliver to be one of the red carpet invitees alongside other singer-songwriters such as Miley CyrusRicky Martin, and Mariah Carey.21 22


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