Attract and keep the top talent and the best people, execute your plans without internal resistance, achieve your goals with ease, get everybody’s buy-in, and become ONE TEAM.

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Resistance kills most strategies and threatens many of the best plans of senior management in an organization.

Strategic human resource management: 

  • Attract the best; keep the best: attract the top talent and keep the best people
  • Getting people’s buy-in for any new strategic directions
  • Optimizing communication and collaboration
  • Reaching optimum performance
  • Achieving an execution culture with full accountability

Getting employees’ buy-in 

The first thing we will need to do is get proper buy-in from the key people in your organization who will be the drivers of change, and who are responsible and accountable for executing and implementing the solutions we created with you. How is this done?  We have developed a proprietary process that differentiates us from other consulting companies. Through this proprietary process, we are able to get proper buy-in not only from the key drivers of change but also from virtually all levels within your organization.

One Team - One Vision

In the end, an organization is nothing more than a group of people. And we all know how powerful it is if the entire workforce moves as One Family - One Team, behind a shared vision. Nothing is more powerful than that! Rallying a company behind One Vision is one of the most important aspects of effective leadership, and it starts with your leadership teams. It’s not just about having a great vision: it’s about ensuring it resonates with everyone in the company. From intern to CEO, from the US to China, Tom Oliver Group’s secrets have been helping some of the largest global corporations optimize their interactions and truly become One Team

Remove silos across all levels of your organization

The future of any company lies in its ability to attract and keep the top people as employees. But now more than ever, the best people are not attracted by the best pay alone: they want to work with the best corporate citizens. Breaking down silos in your organization and reducing internal friction and conflict enables higher degrees of collaboration among your teams and employees, thereby empowering them to achieve completely new heights of productivity. We show you how to create a corporate climate that attracts the top talent and best people through good corporate citizenship: to be a good corporate citizen means building a better company and ensuring its long-term success. Failure to do so can cause your employees, and ultimately your customers, to leave you.

Winning the hearts and minds of Millennials

Today a large part of the workforce consists of Millennials and employees below the age of 30. As such, there is an urgent need to create an ideal ecosystem for Millennials, providing the best way to motivate and make them happy. We provide you with the roadmap to achieve exactly that. Once your organization minimizes internal friction, you are able to achieve collaboration and productivity at the highest level. By making sure everyone in your organization is inagreement, your organization can work better with itself than ever before. We decode the secrets behind internal collaboration and show you how the different parts of your business need to work together in harmony.

Optimize your cross-cultural management

In working with Fortune 500 CEOs and clients from around the world we have developed an intimate understanding of the subtle cultural differences that heavily influence corporate communication and corporate cultures globally, especially cross-cultural differences and management styles. We help you maximize your understanding and sensitivity of such cultural differences and radically improve your cross-cultural management.