After having a failed launch because she hired the wrong people before us and feeling like she was never going to be able to


A system to support those who support vulnerable people

CareSouth can now perform tasks in minutes that previously took hours, getting them back to supporting the people that need it most.

CareSouth is an organisation spread throughout NSW working with vulnerable children, families and vulnerable communities. At any point in time CareSouth is supporting over 2000 individuals by providing early intervention, family preservation, foster care, homelessness & therapeutic group homes.

CareSouth had a difficult time keeping track of different platforms for each of their different program areas and found none of the multiple systems spoke to each other.

They needed a one-stop shop system that meant their frontline employees could do their amazing work whilst also having systems to support them. Objective RegWorks (or as they’ve affectionately nicknamed ‘Reggie’) not only integrates with many of their existing systems, it’s provided a platform to store data safely and securely and also have it accessible to those who need it in the organisation.

Working in a dynamic environment where legislation can change often with little notice, they required a user-friendly system that would allow quick changes – Objective RegWorks has provided that.

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